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Nutra-Life is our premium health and wellness supplement range. You can find Nutra-Life products in health food stores and pharmacies throughout New Zealand, and in health food stores in Australia.



Biolane™ is a unique, natural,scientifically-researched extract of the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel; used to support joint and muscle tissue health. It is the foundation of several joint care products, including Healtheries Seatone, Nutra-Life Musseltone, and many others worldwide.



Healtheries has been trusted for more than 100 years and is our most varied range of “better for you” health food and supplements. You will find Healtheries products in grocery stores and supermarkets throughout New Zealand and Australia (and even South East Asia),  and in product aisles such as: Supplements, Snacking, Teas, Baking and Cereals.


Balance Sports Nutrition

Balance Sports Nutrition is our premium sports nutrition range. Used by elite athletes in several disciplines, Balance products include protein powders, bars, specialist sports foods and supplements that help people achieve their performance goals. Balance products are available in gyms, sports shops, health food stores and pharmacies throughout New Zealand; and gyms, sports shops and health food stores in Australia.


Aussie Bodies

Aussie Bodies is a range of high-quality, great-tasting, protein-based sports nutrition including protein powders, bars and specialist sports foods.  Aussie Bodies products are sold in gyms, health food stores and supermarkets throughout New Zealand and Australia.



Developed in 2007 the Bodytrim ® system is a scientifically based approach successful in delivering fast and sustainable weight loss results. The Bodytrim ® system is supported by a range of high- quality, low carb protein powered snacks. The snacking range is available Australia wide through grocery, pharmacy and leading health food outlets.


Abundant Earth

Abundant Earth is committed to evolving and developing a range of wholesome, delicious and innovative organic and natural foods since 1984. Food untouched by chemicals, containing nothing artificial, grown and manufactured through processes that help sustain our environment. When you see the Abundant Earth logo, you know that you are getting the best of nature. We promote a healthy you and a healthy planet.

Our brand promise has inspired us now more than ever to find new and better ways to run our business. This begins with auditing our office, converting our packaging to recycled and recyclable materials and bringing our ingredient sourcing and manufacturing as close to home as possible to reduce the environmental impact.

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Musashi is one of Australia’s most trusted and revered sports nutrition brands. Established in 1987, Musashi is committed to pushing boundaries in sports nutrition and provides active individuals and some of Australia’s renowned athletes with a range of protein based products, to assist with their general wellbeing and improve their sporting performance. Driven by constant innovation and scientific evidence, Musashi offers a range of high quality protein powders, bars, drinks and amino acids which are available from health and supplement stores, supermarkets, gyms, pharmacies and online.